COVID Summer

— HEY EVERYBODY —Well, just when we got things into a good groove at the salon, Corona is all over the map, literally. The looming record number (100k) a day in the US has us taking a step back. We want to be able to move forward while being diligent about keeping everyone as safe as possible. This is honestly, the 4th or 5th version of this email, it is such a rapidly evolving situation. 

At this point in time, we’re fairly sure that we all know someone who has tested positive for Corona- statistically, it’s unavoidable. We are committed to keeping our community safe. We will willingly weather the financial loss and sacrifice. We will close down the entire salon if anyone on staff tests positive. We will close down the entire salon if anyone that a staff member lives with tests positive. We value transparency and our community in  Athens. Doing the right thing is hard, sometimes that’s how you know it’s the right thing. Transparency is key, we are a service industry and the best way we can be of good service to you is by being honest. We will be taking the first week of August off to give everyone a break, and allow us to have a “reset” for the Fall.Allie will be cutting back to two days a week. Shayne is back to cutting as well as color. We understand scheduling is a tricky thing. We want to make sure everyone is taken care of, and will be glad to pair you up with Shayne, Brandi or Maggie.


Just to go over some of our protocols:

-Temperature checks and health questionnaires are required for staff and clients.

-We ask that you reschedule if you or anyone in your home has tested positive, been exposed/had contact with anyone who has tested positive.

-If any staff member, or person in their household tests positive we will shut the entire salon down and have a full staff quarantine and retest before we reopen.

-If any staff member tests positive we will call and inform everyone who has had an appointment within that incubation period, regardless of stylist.

-If any clients test positive, and have had an appointment during immediately after that incubation period we will shut down.

These protocols are in addition to those put forth by local and state government and recommendations by the CDC and State Board of Cosmetology.

University of California, Berkeley, California, 1919. Open air barber shop during influenza epidemic. (National Archives)