Not yet.

Hey Everyone.
So, here we are, our monthly email a touch early. (Don’t worry- there will be more!)
Here’s where we are – Now is not the time to open. All experts agree that it is too early. The number of cases has not lowered, the curve has begun to flatten but we aren’t there yet. There is still a lack of widespread testing. There is definitely a lack of PPE which is completely necessary for us to keep ourselves and you safe.
But we are here. You are here. We are going to figure this out. We need the next two weeks to keep an eye on COVID numbers as we are hitting our peak here in Athens. We need the time to restock supply and gather all the PPE we can to do our jobs while we keep all of us safe. We need this time to finalize and implement additional cleaning/sanitation protocols. We appreciate your kind words, thoughts, product and gift certificate buys and just general good humor and well wishes. We are insanely grateful for your love and your patience. Things will be different for sure. We will be sending out a more detailed email of our new operating procedures soon and what to expect when you come to see us on your next appointment. But please know this – our commitment to you, our time together and our community have not changed. We want you to know there is no shame in whatever your home salon game has been. We will take care of it and all have a laugh or a cry and keep moving. SO please- have no fear! We are in this together. We love you bunches and can’t wait to stand 6 feet away from you very soon!

Allie and Shayne
and all of us at Washington Square