COVID-19 Closure update




We pride ourselves on being a small locally owned and run business. Our community of Athens is so precious to us, we can’t in good conscience remain open, business as usual. This is going to hit all of us hard in the coming weeks, and the best thing we can do is band together, (by physically distancing ourselves.) We don’t feel there is any amount of clorox that can ease our minds at the moment. There are so many unknowns about Covid-19, but there is one sure thing, and that is social distancing slows it down. So we want to do everything we can to flatten the curve. And get back to our new normal as quickly as possible. We love hair, it is literally our livelihood, but it isn’t worth risking anyone’s life. It just isn’t. We will be calling everyone who has an appointment in the next two weeks to make arrangements. We are shutting down online booking as well. If you have an appointment from March 31 to April 30th we will leave it on the books, if you have an appointment during that time, you will be receiving a call from us directly to confirm closer to your appointment.

Buy gift certificates for future services:
We are doing our best to keep our stylists afloat during this down time, they will be paid from these gift certificate sales during our closed time. We are also paying everyone at a higher commission rate for the time being.
-Preorder our 5 year anniversary shirts (which we print locally at Ruby Sue Graphics)
– Order New Wash and hairstory products online (30% off through march 31st- the discount is applied when you put in an email address and create a password.)
*They pay us the same commission as we make when you buy it off the shelf.
*Sign up for a fanclub subscription service.
PLEASE USE THIS LINK: https://www.hairstory.com/?r=300000116
Leave us a google or facebook review- it all helps. We appreciate all of the love and support you’ve shown us. We’ll weather this storm together.

Lots of you have reached out wanting to know how to help your stylist out during this time.
Want to send your favorite stylist or assistant an extra tip. Here are their venmos.
Brandi Deleshaw @brandi-deleshaw
Maggie Blauvelt @maggie-blauvelt
Shayne McBride @shayne-mcbride
Allie Miller @allie-miller-61
Justin Gray @wjustingray
Caitlyn Riesinger @Caitlyn-Riesinger

Other things we’re doing
We are relaunching our facebook group, come hang out, it’s almost as fun as being here.
If you need anything, please email hello@washingtonsquarestudio.com
DM us on instagram (follow us) and we’ll be in touch.

We have to look after each other.
Allie and Shayne