The First Ward




I first came across The First Ward,  the way I find most amazing things, my 3:30 insomnia wake up call. I was scrolling through Instagram and saw Amy Farid, who I knew of from Bumble and bumble (also solidifying my belief that all roads lead back to BbU.) She is a ridiculously talented stylist and human. Amy was doing these insane sets in…. Tulsa, Oklahoma. I dug a little deeper and discovered she was at The First Ward. This was a month or two after Washington Square had gotten off the ground. I spent the rest of that early morning pouring over their website and instagram. I wanted to call Allie immediately, and say, “LOOK AT THESE PEOPLE! They have a 2/3 person team and they are doing cool shit in Tulsa!” I found out that there is a bike race in Tulsa that is on the same circuit as the Twilight Criterium. I immediately DM’d them and Jessica wrote me back, telling me about a high school or college Spring Break in Florida, and a boy from Athens, who was in a band. I just immediately felt like these were our people.

I think we all have a love/hate relationship with social media, especially these days. Flashes like these, windows were you see a kindred spirit make it wonderful. They remind me that this is what it can be, growing new friendships, even halfway across the country. Bitching about industry garbage or digging on some new product and everything in between (also EXCELLENT instagram dance videos). The “professional hairdressing industry” can often feel tacky, trite, lowest common denominator and usually just about the bottom line, how to make stylists sell you shit. We found Jessica and James at a time when we were going against the grain so hard, we second guessed ourselves. Seeing the shenanigans at TFW made us realize we should go with our gut always!  I have come to deeply appreciate the relationships I’ve built with salon owners around the country. The majority of those have come from just reaching out and saying, “Hi, hello- thank you for kicking ass.” It’s that simple- just show up.

I asked Jessica to make us a playlist for our Journal and she was kind enough to oblige. So thank you, Jessica, James and The First Ward Crew for making the world feel a little bit smaller.




From Jessica-

“This time of year has me feeling a conflicted mix of nostalgia, melancholy, restlessness and optimism…looking forward to the future. These songs hold a lot of memories for me and hit all the notes I need to get me through my day. Some make me feel tough. Some tickle my creative fancy. Some make me question the nature of reality.

But, really…are we all living in a simulation?”




Time is on our side, yes it is. (on how we have restructured our haircut pricing to gender neutral)

Here at the studio Shayne and I  (and now Brandi and Maggie!) are always trying to push ourselves to try new things, look at something in a new light. We strive to constantly create a better experience for our clients.  One thing we have wanted to do for a long time is change the way we price and schedule our haircut appointments.

When we opened we made the decision to simplify color booking.  Instead of having to choose between a million different color services we made it easy –  you choose custom color or corrective color.  It made sense– gone were the days of full heads of foils.  More often then not Shayne was doing multiple techniques to achieve the desired result.  We changed pricing and timing based on what was needed. It made things more efficient and more fair.

What we have decided to do it mimic that with our cutting. Some short haircuts require more time –some long haircuts don’t.  A woman with a haircut that is the same as a man’s shouldn’t be paying so much more and men should have just as much time and attention in the chair. Sometimes you just need your ends, “dusted”, or some weight taken out. How much time I spend on a haircut doesn’t have to do with gender.  It shouldn’t be priced that way.

Haircuts will now be time based instead of gender based. Haircuts will be 30, 45 and 60 minute appointments. Bang/neck trims will, as always, be free.  If you have been booking a women’s haircut in the past you’ll book as a 45 or 60 minute appointment( 60 for those with all the hair!) and for those who have been booking a men’s cut you will now book as a 30 or 45 minute haircut( depending on length and amount of detail).   If you’re looking to make a big change you can add 15 minutes to your appointment so we have time for a longer consult and  the extra time detailing your new do!

You can find our new prices on our fancy new website ( Thank you Jenn Bryant and Shayne!!!!) and don’t stress! if you’re not sure how to book shoot us an email, give us a call or even stop by and we’ll make sure you’re set.

This isn’t a new idea.  But we did feel that it was important to make it more of a policy – for transparency sake and for new clients coming in to understand how we do things. Your time is important to us. Your experience in the studio is important to us.

Again — Please let us know if you have any questions, concerns or comments. We are here for you and can’t wait to see you soon!!!

Love Love Love