The Art of Sharing

I started realizing the importance of writing my thoughts down a couple years ago when my brother Jack gifted me a little yellow notebook right before i moved to California. He told me a man had come up to him one day while sketching a picture of the Williamsburg Bridge in New York and handed him two matching journals. I didn’t open mine until i was officially 10,000 ft off ground and on my way, as promised. Here is some of what i found from my bother on the first couple pages.

  I was hooked and I was inspired.
After that i wrote in that book every single day until it was all filled up. Then i got a new one and a new one after that. Ive learned a lot about myself from what comes out on paper. Whether it be a quick release of something, a doodle or a sad entry after a couple glasses of wine.
  I named this, “The Art of Sharing”,  because that man shared with my brother, who in turn shared with me. Which eventually lead to me sharing with myself. So i guess maybe this being my first journal entry at Washington Square is a weird way of paying it forward. To share what has been shared. The art and love of writing… or maybe youll just want a new tiny yellow notebook of your own. Who knows.

That Nashville Drive

Shayne here-

I live for a road trip. I listen to all the podcasts, well- mainly RuPaul, Marc Maron and the Read. I have loved making playlists for as long as I remember, (we called them mixed tapes then). Music has the ability to take us to a specific time or place so fast.  I love it. The drive to Nashville is one of my favorites, it’s easy (after Atlanta) and beautiful when you get around Nickajack Lake. So I made this playlist a few years ago, for that drive.

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