My Athens- Projections Fashion Show

Sunday November 9th, My Athens Projections Fashion show happens. It will be quite the happening.

We were thrilled to be a part of the planning and production of this show. Projections will spotlight eight teams of local boutiques and stylists, each drawing inspiration from an iconic style film. A dance party, hosted by DJ Immuzikation, will follow the runway show, with the National serving craft cocktails made with Tito’s vodka throughout the entire evening.  Shayne and Allie have worked with the My Athens team on all of their fashion shows. Allie has been in charge of hair/makeup production which is quite a fun challenge. The thing she likes best about it is getting a chance to collaborate with other salons,stylists and make-up artists in town. It’s a chance for everyone to get out from behind the chair and work together, learn from each other and have a great time in the process. Community and collaboration are so important to us at Washington Square Studio. You can get tickets for the show  online. We hope to see you there! Head over to myathensis.com and read about all the shops and stylists. Here are photos by Courtney Johnson of some of the stylists (Trev, Rachel and models, Emily)who also happen to be some of our favorite clients and friends!photo-7            barnesemily







See you on the 8th at Stan Mullins Studio!!

Hair talk, have a seat.


Allie and Shayne sat down the other day and gabbed on about hair (as usual).

We will be posting some of these conversations every month. It’s important to us that we are all part of the conversation, and we all learn from each other.
A:“All that really matters at the end of the day is what it looks like. Does it look good the next day, or the day after, when they are doing it at home.”
S:there is too much depending on “finishing” a cut well. which when I was learning was how we hid- it was the key to “fake it tip you make it”
A:Good finishing is classic hairdressing, you need to be able to finish hair in a way that is beautiful and there is a time and a place for that. As far as haircuts go, your haircut should be beautiful, whether you blow it out or don’t blow it out, it should look beautiful”
S: It should style itself
A: It should be wearable.
S: As a hairdresser, you are putting products as you cut,  and, you can see it and feel it as you go. It’s beginning to air dry, and when it’s time to dry, you can already see what it’s going to look like, what it’s going to do. The cut is there and you can show people how to wear it natural.
A: And what we see- the cuts are technically perfect,in so far as every line is straight, it’s all symmetrical, there is not a corner on that head, they are technically  but they are un wearable, they don’t grow out well. They are blow dryed and styled with in an inch of their life.
S: If there is any bit of elasticity in the hair it is gone..
A: I just feel like that is going to be the thing that we do that’s different. It’s about how it looks.
S: And how it FEELS, how many clients do we have, when we ask them what they think, they don’t even look in the mirror, they just know, and they put their hands in it and do their thing.”
We are excited about stepping away from traditional hairdressing- giving you a cut that almost self styles (with a bit of product help). We want people to embrace their hair’s natural texture and learn how to magnify and accentuate it, rather than try to beat it into submission with hot tools and time. It’s bad for you hair, and don’t you want some extra snooze time in the morning?