Art films, and why we love this town.

There has been so much hullabaloo about Athens lately, listicles, my Athens, Your Athens, We all Athens for Athens…. Allie and I both grew up here, and we’ve watched it change for better  (and worse). But this place belongs to no one person or group, we are stewards of a pretty spectacular town. That being said, it felt very old school to rally the troops and spend a day with Jordan St. Martin-Reyes making a short film, old art school conceptual fun. Collaboration is the cornerstone of Washington Square and this shoot was a joy to work on. Troy Mattison-Hicks came out and photographed some behind the scenes action too.



This is the first video, “Lights”. Our muse, Prosper Hedges (Tinkypuss) was resplendent as usual.

Girls on Film

We spend our off days relaxing and ….doing hair. Seriously. We find it that challenging and exciting. Recently we finally got the camera working and have begun to document some of these off days. Don’t get us wrong, we love working with all of our photographer friends. They are all so talented and busy and can’t be with us every day in the studio, believe me we wish they could. So here are some photos we took of the sickeningly adorable and handsome couple, Ash and Ben. This was our first “self shot” photo shoot. We have much to learn, but experimenting and making mistakes is how we do that.