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Why we departmentalize—–

Kicking off 2017 with all kinds of intentions. I’m not much of a resolution person. (no shit). BUT I do love making decisions on the kind of year I want to have. Several years ago, I realized that I wanted to love doing hair everyday. I didn’t want to burn out in my chosen career. Hair is Craft as much as it is “art”. The daily churn of clients, back to back every 30-45 minutes made me feel like I was shortchanging my clients as well as myself.

  Allie and I talked about the fact that she had not done color in almost 7 years and I was quite frankly at a loss on how to push my cutting forward. I saw my mentors recycling the same looks that had left me speechless 10 years ago, now they left me speechless in a sadder way. Color and the technology in the products was changing at a rapid pace. The days of back to back piano key foils was so so DONE. Lived in, well worn color that looks as good 3 months out as it does 3 days after it leaves the salon was starting to pop up. I had been making moves to hair painting, instead of foils. Freehand painted highlights mimic the perfect hair that small children have (good color wasted on the young). But I didn’t feel like I had the TIME with each client to really achieve those subtle color tones. Taking cutting off my plate has expanded my creativity immensely. The fact that Allie and I each only have one thing to think about, allows us to apply laser like focus to the task at hand.

   I love just doing color. My thinking has changed, my eye has grown. Departmentalizing allows me to double down and experiment with tone and placement. This drives me every day. The last two years have given me the opportunity to move outside of the usual haircolor mindset, ash, smokey, beige, gold, copper, red, etc. I have the time to look at smokey roses, violet coppers, pearly blondes. Creating tones that balance out skin tone and make you look like you just returned from a spa, or doing something else that gives you a glow. It’s awesome.

   Restriction breeds creativity, or as Orson Welles said, “the absence of limitations is the enemy of art”. We find this true across the board. It’a concept that Allie and I think fits our, Washington Square, “less is more” mentality. We achieve something even greater during our time together with you. And you get 110% from both of us. We know that sometimes you get a big cut, and we’re just covering some greys. Sometimes it’s a complete 180 color change and a split end trim. It doesn’t matter- we have the luxury of leaning on each other, our individual work supports your overall look. Collaborating and pushing each other (and you sometimes) keeps us fresher than fresh. Allie and I count our lucky stars everyday to still be as excited about doing your hair as we were 10+ years ago when everything was brand new.

 I love being able to say “I’m a colorist.” It’s what I do.  I’m looking forward to pulling back the curtain to show you how I do what I do.  Hell, let’s kick the doors wide open! Ever wonder what the hell “babylights” are? Sombre? Ombre? Balayage (or even how to say it?). It’s confusing AF!  There is so much, too much, information out there. Why not get it from us, your trusty Washington Square Studio dynamic duo! I’ll explain why I offer 2 color services, and how WE (you and me) decide what techniques I use for each service. Check in later this week and next for all this AND MORE!

     Let’s do this!



AND- if you have ANY questions, I’d love to tackle them- shayne@washingtonsquarestudio.com


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