It’s hot out there, but that’s cool.
There are some exciting changes coming to Washington Square Studio.
We have stepped way outside the way hair salons traditionally run, (at least here in Athens.) It’s always risky to step out and try something new, but we feel like it’s worth it, and necessary. We’ve based our business on shaking up the way things have always been done to make things easier for you.. We believe in constant editing and improving, to simplify always.
  Our approach to hair and you, our clients, is simple. How can we make this easier on you? We do the “heavy lifting” in our cut and color, so the need for styling on your part is minimal. Nobody should be spending half an hour on styling their hair  because they have to.
In New Wash we’ve found the answer, it works for every hair type, (like Allie’s baby fine stick straight hair, to Shayne’s, well whatever she calls that coarse, wavy mess.) New Wash is one thing, it’s simple, it’s more economical, (especially if you sign up for fanclub). It’s also better for the environment.
New Wash is a revolutionary  product. Instead of using harsh detergent, (sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate, or glucosides) they have substituted fatty alcohols which naturally occur in plants like jojoba, aloe, and sunflower. These act as gentle cleansing agents without stripping away the natural protective layer on the scalp and hair. In addition, the formula is biodegradable once it has done its (amazing) job. With a gentle cleanser like New Wash, the scalp isn’t being tricked into overproducing oil to compensate for the loss of its protective layer. This means that hair gets less oily less quickly, allowing you to go longer between washes. And, as a result of not over-drying hair with harsh detergents, New Wash replaces not only shampoos, but conditioners, and masques as well! Finally, since you don’t need to condition, you’ll be using a lot less water in the shower.
This is why we will no longer be using or retailing traditional shampoo and conditioner. We found something that we believe in, and we are seeing a real difference in the hair of clients who have made the switch. Their hair is healthier, shinier and they need less products and treatments.

  Our promise to you is that we will never stop examining our methods to not only make things better for you but easier as well. At the end of the day we want you to look amazing and not have to think about it. You always say you wish you could take us home with you to do your hair… we’re doing everything we can, short of moving into the basement. Please, come by see us, let’s talk about your hair and how you care for it at home.

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