Shayne McBride

Founder, Colorist

For Shayne McBride, hospitality and hairstyling go hand in hand. Doing hair, she says, is about being neighborly. She got her start cutting friends’ hair late night while cooking up biscuits after going to see bands downtown. “Beauty shops are a part of Southern culture,” she says, and also a place to claim the identity you envision for yourself. That’s part of the reason Washington Square Studio did not opt for a street-view location. “We wanted to create an intimate, safe space. If you’re going to be in this chair that means you sought us out. You’re committed to this process and we’re committed to you. We want time here to be special.” Shayne approaches color by the amount of maintenance you want to put into it. Grey coverage every 4 weeks, great, soft lived in color that you can get done once or twice a year, even better. 

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