Olive Kirkpatrick


Olive Kirkpatrick began her hair career in 2010 and, after a short hiatus, has returned to a career behind the chair. As a co- founder of Athens Queer Collective (with partner, Riley), Olive loves Washington Square’s gender-neutral pricing and intimate environment for clients to feel safe being seen.”There is a ‘pink tax’ and it’s wrong. We’ve all been socialized around binary gender norms – what’s normal, expected and acceptable. It’s exclusionary to the real, wild, expansive truths about who we are.”  Olive’s guiding belief about hair is that it should be a conscious choice. She believes in meeting clients were they are and creating space for change. “Part of doing and getting your hair done is the pulling away of all the things we think we ‘need’ to discover what’s really there. I love the paradox that we are never just ‘one thing’. Hair gives expression to these ideas- a structured, strong cut with soft, natural color, or vice versa. We get to shift our appearance accordingly with our inner transformations, and sometimes, the outer expression supports that inner change, too.” Thoughtful conversation and the chance to build strong client relationships, while creating beautiful hair, brought Olive back to the hair game, and we can’t wait for you to meet her.

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