Maggie Blauvelt

 Maggie first got interested in hair in middle and high school. “my older brother Jack and all his friends would let me cut their hair, because, they didn’t care. and I just did their hair forever. I didn’t experiment with color on my friends until after high school, looking back, I mean, how terrifying, god knows what that woman at Sally’s was thinking selling me chemicals, I mean, straight up though….  “ When not terrorizing family members Maggie also spent her formative years playing in multiple bands. After a stint living on the West Coast, Maggie moved back to Athens and decided that hair was something she wanted to pursue full time.  Music, skateboarding and tomboy spirit inform Maggie’s aesthetic. She loves cutting anything from a structured bob to a neon mullet.  Her cuts tend to style themselves and who doesn’t love that? Maggie’s a wizard at transforming hair with color. When Maggie is out of the studio, she’s almost never alone, between her cat Gidget, and dog, Bucket- and her super squad of friends. 

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