Brandi Deleshaw


Growing up, Brandi Deleshaw and her mother took turns highlighting each other’s hair in front of the TV. When a neighbor burned her a mixed CD of punk music, she started exploring alternative culture and asking for less conventional haircuts. Her local salons weren’t able to accommodate her requests and soon she was running an alternate beauty shop out of her bedroom. To get the styles she and her friends were seeing in magazine and myspace, she had to experiment. It’s this curiosity that has helped her to refine her skills her clients enjoy today. She loves precision haircuts that are tailored for a low maintenance lifestyle. Brandi also excels with creative and  or corrective color- she likes the challenge and the way those challenges really put her brain into overdrive and still allow her to think on her feet. Brandi apprenticed under Shayne and Allie and echoes the salon-wide sentiment that a hairstyle should come out of a measured place, not a reaction to something or someone else. “It’s a collaboration between myself and the person in my chair. I want everyone to feel like their best self.”

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