Allie Miller

Founder, Stylist

“Cutting hair isn’t like paper dolls”, says Allie Miller. “You can’t just put a haircut on a person. It’s not a dress.” Allie got her start assisting in a salon. She had no intention of turning it into a career. She was shocked how much she took to it. “I had never had a job that fit me so well. The fast pace, the multitasking and getting to have these very meaningful interactions with people all day. It was awesome! What Allie loves most though is handling what some have called “difficult” hair. Folks with coarse, thick or curly hair, who aren’t looking to destroy their natural texture have found a safe space in the chair, and a strong ally in Allie. She is a gifted teacher for people looking to embrace their hair’s natural state. Allie definitely leans more towards soft, feminine, lived in cuts that evolve as they grow out.  

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