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    Babylights, sombre, ombre, balayage, foilayage, highlights, lowlights, base break, shadow root, unicorn hair, peekaboo, Rainbow Bright vomitorium, (don’t laugh, it’ll probably happen next). All of these terms are real, mostly. They aren’t necessarily bullshit, but they get overused and misused and then that becomes bullshit.

   The origins are real, the initial thoughtfulness behind them is real. But bottom line, they are TRENDS. Ombre in fabric was all the fashion rage circa 2007-2008. The hairdressers working backstage at those fashion shows and the product companies they rep were and are always looking not to reinvent the wheel, but repackage it. That is what you all need to remember, it’s just hair color being repackaged.  YES- techniques evolve. YES, color and chemistry advance. But what we want most is for you to not get bogged down in terminology and buzz words.

   Let’s look at pictures, let’s talk about how you want to FEEL. Do you want to be a boss bitch Debbie Harry? Well guess what, sugarbritches, that’s not “babylights”. You feeling yourself and this Meryl Streep high… well a “foilayage” is not a word that we need to speak! (Honestly, I could get through the rest of my days without anyone saying “foilayage” to me!) We are grown ass ladies, let’s leave the unicorns to the children. That being said. Let’s talk about interpreting your look, the way you walk into a room. You want to knock them on their asses with a smokey amethyst tone mixed in with your power bitch blonde, I am ALL ABOUT IT!

  The point is, it isn’t your job to know all this stuff. It’s mine. It’s also my responsibility to translate the way you see yourself, want to be seen, or want to change, into my colorist language. Looking up hair ideas on the internet can be scarier than getting on web md!

I promise to never confuse you or overwhelm you with jargon, and please, know that I don’t expect you to know how to say “balayage” correctly. (pssss- it’s “bahlly-aahhje”). But what you can do is fire up that pinterest board of hair ideas. Or call us, we’ll create one for you! (yes, we do that.) Be ready to have a conversation about yourself. We hear you, and we definitely see you. The purpose of haircolor is to bring out the good in you features and skin tone, and deflect the things you aren’t so crazy about. This is what color in general is used for- harmony and balance. It really can be that simple.

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