I wanted this photoshoot to represent who I am as a person, also as an upcoming stylist. I guess if I had to pin point my aesthetic it would be laid back and lived in. I think this is really reflected in my work. The theme of this photoshoot was hard for me to name at first. Slowly, I started to see that it was solely based on relationships. This is the most important thing in my life. Everyone involved in this shoot is so close to my heart and I couldn’t be happier. If we aren’t having fun- what the fuck are we doing!


Phototgrapher: Tatim Kilosky

Make-up: Brandi Deleshaw

Clothing& Wardrobe Styling: Trevor Blake and Stephanie Reynolds for Atomic

Models: Jack Blauvelt, Paige Sellers, Savannah Pierce, Vann Johnson, Jordan Reynolds.



Mullet Man Jack is actually my brother. I decided on a mullet because his hair texture is perfect for it. His personality and everyday wear matched this cut. Everything just fell into place. (styled with GM Reverie Mare and Rake.) I love you Jack, thank you for everything.

Paige was my styling model so I used the world’s smallest curling iron to create giant hair. I love her hair so I just trimmed her up and gave her bangs. We have since taken her bubblegum pink, a lifelong dream of hers. (Styled with Sachajuan mousse and light and flexible hair spray and finish cream)

If you have ever met Savannah, you’d know she is the most interesting person. Naturally, she is a light blonde, so I brightened her up and added a neon orange. I honestly can’t imagine her with anything else now. It’s like she was born with it. (Styled with Hairstory dressed up and hair balm)

I painted highlights on Vann’s hair to give it a natural sun-kissed look.I wanted it to look like kids who who grow up at the beach and on the water. I cut off a couple of inches and slightly layered it for movement. The missing tooth happened naturally a while back. It was a good night out with some late night bike riding. Vann, I know it’s a pain, but you look rad as shit.

That brings us to Jordan, a sweet, should have been living in the 70’s soul. That was the direction I went in. I gave her a super shag with some curtain bangs. If you get a chance you should check out her band, Rose Hotel. It will move you.

Lots of love-