Well, here we are, Spring has sprung, of our sinuses are any indication! We hope everyone is staying healthy, and vaccinated if possible. That being said, all of us at Washington Square are fully vaccinated, and out of the post vaxx 2 week window. HOWEVER, all Covid precautions are still in effect, masking, distancing, our disinfecting/sanitizing routine etc. We’ve made it this far and we’ve all stayed COVID free so, as they say, if it ain’t broke… Keep reading for all of the news that is fit to email!

Allie begins maternity leave the beginning of May, she will be back in July. We can’t wait to meet this baby! Until then, Brandi, Olive and Shayne are here to handle all your hair needs.

Meet Olive!
We area so happy to have Olive join the WaSquad. She’s been doing hair since 2010, and after a hiatus(and a pandemic) she realized how much she missed being in a salon and behind the chair. We think you will love getting to know her.


News from Reverie!
Reverie is repackaging their products this summer, so there may be some products out of stock as they get close to relaunch. BUT in most exciting news, they are coming out with a new product in August. We have no idea what it may be, but we’re excited.

Justin and Caitlyn are well into their apprenticeships and need models for supervised cuts and color on Mondays.
Please email models@washingtonsquarestudio.com
Haircuts are free, there is a small charge for color.

Spring and all it’s glories, (thank goodness for masks with this pollen!) are upon us. The gratitude we feel towards all of you, over this last year is overwhelming. Thank you for following all of the protocols we set in place to keep us all safe.
Quick note, we are currently booking out appointments 2-4 weeks, our cancellation list moves quickly with everyone’s changing plans. Even if you are on the cancellation/wait list, we encourage you to go ahead and schedule an appointment as well, and we will do our best to get you in before that if possible. We don’t want anyone to slip through the cracks, we want you looking 100%.
We are doing some remodeling/ rearranging over the next few months, (get excited!) to further accommodate our “new normal”. We will send updates and as always, you can watch the progress on instagram and facebook. As always, you know where to find us, call, email, slide into some DMs- send the “hair” bat signal (it resembles a bottle of wine and scissors). We are here for you!

We will see you soon!
Allie & Shayne