We are finishing up our first year at Washington Square. What a year. Change is hard, but it’s necessary. Hitting reset is scary, but it can also be exhilarating. We’ve changed the way hair is done in Athens, GA. Simple, elegant, obvious- we’ve made big changes and cut away the bullshit. Limiting ourselves by departmentalizing has allowed us both to explore the small nuances of hair, the weight someone’s bangs, the tiny shift in tone of blonde. These shifts are the difference between good and amazing. What we’ve given ourselves more than anything, is time. Time with you, to talk about all of the in and outs, ups and downs of your hair. We take time to sit and listen and commiserate together. We laugh, we say, “why not, it’s just hair, right?” (It’s always more than “just hair”. )
     We’ve been lucky this month to work with another simple and elegant program. Books for Keeps.  Our friend Melaney Smith founded this program in 2009.  “She heard about a little girl who was not looking forward to summer. The reason? This second-grader loved to read, but had no books at home. Melaney asked around and learned that there were many children in the same situation. In asking the question, “Why doesn’t somebody do something about this?” she realized, “I am somebody. I can do something.
“Thinking Small” as Melaney says, is the way we make change in our lives.
    The flip side to that coin is  Mel Burgos who started Rock Your Rizos because it was ONE thing she could do, to channel her energy into something positive that could help other people.

We are grateful to our friends at Hairstory Studio who remind us that Less is More on a daily basis. Allie and I saw what they were doing. We watched Wes and Roxie’s work unfold online, and we thought- “We can do that, we can do that HERE!”
  Sometimes the hardest part of going small is letting go of everything else.
What we’ve learned this year at Washington Square Studio is-
it’s so fucking worth it!
Allie and Shayne

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