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    Last week was gnarly. To calm our nerves, we thought we would visit one of Brandi’s blog posts she wrote last summer. Check out her blog full of hair and style icons. Jackie Onassis and Lee Radziwill Today’s blog post is about a well-known pair of sisters, the Bouvier sisters, Jackie Kennedy Onassis and Lee Radziwill.

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        Babylights, sombre, ombre, balayage, foilayage, highlights, lowlights, base break, shadow root, unicorn hair, peekaboo, Rainbow Bright vomitorium, (don’t laugh, it’ll probably happen next). All of these terms are real, mostly. They aren’t necessarily bullshit, but they get overused and misused and then that becomes bullshit.    The origins are real, the initial thoughtfulness behind

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      Why we departmentalize—– Kicking off 2017 with all kinds of intentions. I’m not much of a resolution person. (no shit). BUT I do love making decisions on the kind of year I want to have. Several years ago, I realized that I wanted to love doing hair everyday. I didn’t want to burn out

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      It’s hot out there, but that’s cool. There are some exciting changes coming to Washington Square Studio. We have stepped way outside the way hair salons traditionally run, (at least here in Athens.) It’s always risky to step out and try something new, but we feel like it’s worth it, and necessary. We’ve based

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    Hi friends. We hope everyone is surviving this bullshit known as summer, heat index of 100 and WHAT? If you’ve been up to the studio in the last few months you’ve probably met, Brandi, our first apprentice. She’s one of our people for sure. We are excited to begin our apprenticeship program this summer. One

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