about washington square


This is something different. You’ll know it the minute your feet hit the stairs.  Make yourself at home. We are your people.When you sit down with us, (Shayne and Allie) we want you to lay it all out there. This is a collaboration.  We want to know about your  LIFE, not just your hair. You have our undivided attention. Washington Square is an intimate space. We hope you will make a new friend, or at least have a great conversation and share a laugh. We are focused and professional and are serious about hair, but we never take ourselves too seriously. There will be hilarity and fun.

We do things differently. No rows and rows of chairs, where you feel like you are passed from person to person. We are the only departmentalized salon in Athens. This allows us to work with a laser focus, (Allie cuts, Shayne color.) We get to be obsessive  perfectionists about your hair. You get the power of two experienced hairdressers. It’s a win-win.

We love Athens, GA. We LOVE hair, we live it, breathe it sleep it and can talk about it endlessly. Despite what you’ve been told, you do have amazing hair, and we can show you. Wouldn’t you love to bring out what is GREAT about your hair, instead of fixating on and trying to “fix” what you can’t stand about it?  Come in, sit down and let’s get to know each other.