about washington square


Every appointment at the studio begins with a conversation.

We know you’re smart, dynamic and likely busy.  We also know that thinking about how you present yourself while navigating the world can feel as daunting as it can empowering, as frustrating as it can be fun. 

We KNOW we can show you your hair can be everything you need. Despite what you’ve been told, you do have amazing hair, and we can show you.

Two heads are better than one. What Washington Square offers is collaboration and communication.  We have a knack for taking inspirations and references and blending them into a shared aesthetic, which is classic, sharp and witty. You have a brain trust working with you to create a working style that is versatile and suitable. We create color that brings out your best features and blends away things you aren’t crazy about. Handcrafted, thoughtful haircuts that have life and movement and shapes that grow out beautifully. Collaboration between you and your stylist is the cornerstone of Washington Square Studio.  


We will give it to you straight, every time. But we’ll also hold your hand and walk you through it.




We all encounter messaging about how we should look, feel and be daily. We offer a moment to pause and talk about how you feel best, and an opportunity to consult with specialists who want you to feel that way every day.