Q&A with Allie Miller

Knowledge dropping time with Allie Miller.
We talk about hair, for serious. We talk about hair constantly. We try to challenge each other and the status quo.
Here is a snippet from our conversation.

What are some of the bigger misconceptions about hair, in your opinion?

“Split ends can be fixed by some magical potion.”
Allie: When hair is split is fractured, it cannot be put back together, split ends are split, they must be cut off.

“I have frizzy hair that I can’t wear curly.”
Allie: It’s because nobody has ever taught them how to take care of curly hair, not to brush it, that the right products are essential to maintaining curl pattern.

“I can’t have _______ because of my age, face shape, weight etc.”
Allie: It’s all bullshit, all of those things have more to do with personality and lifestyle than anything else. Anyone can have red hair, but maybe not copper based red. Anyone can have short hair, but maybe it needs to be cut differently to account for texture, I’ll use a razor vs shears.

Don’t use cheap drugstore shampoo or products. If you are heat styling you HAVE to use product so you don’t burn your hair. That causes split ends and here we are back in a vicious cycle. You don’t have to come into the salon as much if you are treating it well at home, with quality products,cleansers, conditioners. Protect your investment! It’s your hair, you wear it everyday!

The pen is mightier than the sword, but the eye is mightiest of all.

We value originality and content at Washington Square Studio. Allie and I spend our days refining our vision, our work and our process. We hope to use his blog as a diary of our ideas and our time behind the chair. We want to bring you not just before and after’s but how and why. This is the shit that gets us going more than our morning coffee or after hours  cocktails. This studio is a collaboration and we’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas as well.


Let’s get to gettin!